Sunday, August 11, 2013

Super Clean Sunday

Trying to keep Sundays super clean!

Started the day (as I do every day) with hot water, apple cider vinegar and lemon. Breakfast was a chocolate protein fluffy (banana, protein powder, cocoa and almond milk) with organic muesli. Morning juice was carrot, celery and lemon. Lunch was a berry smoothie (banana, berries, spinach and almond milk) and afternoon juice was a super green one (green apple, celery and mint). All rounded off with a lovely dinner of stir-fried squid and green salad.



  1. What sort of juicer have you got and where do you get recipes from. They look and sound great

    1. Got the grunty Breville stainless steel one! Smoothies are from Christina at Reveal Yourself. The juices are whatever combo takes my fancy!! Enjoying trying new combos.